Kal Ho Naa Ho- Flashback SRK

This is the fifth and final post in the Flashback SRK series.


Kal Ho Naa Ho was a power packed movie with all the great elements of Bollywood. Complete with romance, comedy, family drama and tragedy, this movie is an absolute gem. Have you ever wondered why you instantly fell in love with this movie? Here are a few reasons, although I’m sure there are millions more.

1) The noisy Dadi

Source: http://media.giphy.com

One of your favourite characters in the movie, you love her and you hate her. With the loud bhajan singing, Punjabi banter and secret love affair with Chadda ji, she’s the Bollywood Dadi of the millennium.

2) You can’t get over Franky Ram Dyal

Source: s4.scoopwhoop.com

Whatever SRK may have believed in the movie, you secretly can’t help agreeing with Sweetu. Your insides scream he’s so cute every time he comes on screen in that adorable headband.

3) Kanta Ben makes you roar with laughter

Source: http://38.media.tumblr.com

You will always remember her standing aghast with the breakfast tray in her hand, trembling. Yes, even after you die.

4) Nothing has ever inspired you like the baar baar haan scene

Source: memegenerator.net

Bunch of Indians saving their cafe by Indianizing it with overly dramatic Bollywood music playing in the background? Yep, you’re hooked. Besides, koshish karne walon ki haar nahi hoti!

5) 1, 2, 3, *fake smile*

Source: http://media.giphy.com

You always pause and rewind the movie at this point.

6) 6 din, ladki in

Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com

Cool walk, ignore Naina, flirt with the dirty kids lady, flirt with Naina, write lousy poem for Naina, get caught by Naina.
Genius, really.

7) Pretty woman makes you dance along on your bed

Source: http://media.giphy.com

From SRK in orange cargos to the nuns dancing in the background, this song has everything going for it.

8) Camilla the gold

Source: wordpress.com

If you can sing she wants your money in the tune it’s supposed to be sung in, you probably love her almost successful attempts to trap Rohit too.

9) Rohit’s bildungroman

Source: media.giphy.com

From the adventurous puppy who needed a leash to the guy who fights to bag the girl, Saif is adorable in the movie.

10) Naina’s ‘It’s The Time to Disco’ escapade

Source: media.giphy.com

Every time you watch Preity Zinta take the vodka shots, shout at the bar dancer, and strip, you feel a chill of excitement.

11) The perfect mix of drama, romance and comedy

Source: http://media.giphy.com

There’s not too much of anything in this movie. It’s just so flawless.

12) SRK gives you the butterflies

Source: http://www.ikarmik.com

You smile when he teases, you laugh when he jokes, you jiggle when he dances, and you bawl your eyes out when he dies. Aman is your first love, and you will do anything to make sure he ends up with you and not Naina in the next life.

My rating- 5/5


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