Baadshah- Flashback SRK

This is the third post in the Flashback SRK series.


Baadshah is a movie that has tickled the Indian film audience for decades. The songs, the dance sequences, the humour, the thrill, the action and the mystery – the movie has it all.

Here are 7 scenes from the movie that will always make you laugh.

  1. The tea-cup clatter scene



    SRK’s task of acting like a blind man to trap Twinkle Khanna lands him in a pretty nerve racking situation- he finds himself looking at a beautiful woman changing clothes, with eyes he is not supposed to have.

  2. The “Le le” “Badha le” scenes



    These are the echoes of his partners’ voices, which almost sound like the representative of his subconscious.

  3. One eye of a goat, one of an owl



    Poor Twinkle Khanna brings SRK to an eye doctor for an operation, solely out of the goodness of out her heart. What she doesn’t know, however, is that the doctor is a fake who is stretching the joke a bit too far by offering to give SRK two different animals’ eyes.

  4. The x-ray glasses scene



    It is any man’s dream to receive the extra cool gadgets that SRK gets from the CBI. One of them turns out to be a pair of x-ray shades which enables him to see whatever lied under anyone’s clothes.

    5. The walking on the wall scene



    The little kid who almost gets scandalised on seeing this weird man walking up a wall is the funniest thing you are likely to find in this movie.

    6. The two minute transformation scene



    These ‘private investigators’ as they call themselves, are skilled in changing their entire place of work to a hospital, eye clinic, lower middle class home, fairytale land – you name it!

    7. The death slide scene



    SRK hanging from the edge of a pole ten floors high, five dumb young men trying to catch him, and a smart little girl who pulls up a cloth to save his life. What an end to a wonderful movie!

    My rating- 3.5/5


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